A Worthy Cause for Journalist Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica De La Cruz

You know Veronica De La Cruz as an anchor for CNN news.  She one of the foremost Asian American journalists to grace the network space these days. However, being a famous TV personality does not make one immune from the failures of the American health care system.  Her brother, Eric, is in a dire need of a heart transplant.  His medical condition prevented him from getting medical insurance.  Veronica is doing what ever she can by setting up a web site for donations to pay for her brother’s operation. She even solicited the help of Senator Harry Reid from Nevada (where Eric resides).

Although the Obama Administration has gotten off to a good start in tackling the health care crisis, we still have a long way to go.  I myself, had been laid off from my job last fall.  I was very happy to have received a letter from my former employer about reduced COBRA benefits, as a result from the stimulus package.  I do make an effort to stay in good health, but unfortunately for many others, they cannot afford this luxury.

Eric De La Cruz’s case is one of way too many folks who are without health insurance.  I don’t care if you like Veronica or not, but she is doing her utmost job as a sister helping a sibling in need.

Let’s all chip in and help this guy.

I did.

Veronica De La Cruz’s Site

Veronica’s Twitter Page

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